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Punctal Occlusion – page content

Punctal occlusion is one way to alleviate “dry eye”. This process begins by surgically inducing healthier and longer use of the eyes natural lubricating tears. This is achieved by shutting off the small drain holes, or punctums, located in the inner corner of the upper and lower eyelid junction. Punctums can be closed with miniscule plugs called punctal plugs. These punctal plugs can be placed in the two tear ducts, top and bottom, in both eyes or in only the lower ducts. The punctums can also be permanently closed with a heat or laser procedure.

Punctal plugs can be temporary or permanent. Temporary plugs dissolve a few days after insertion.

Is Punctal Occlusion right for me?

  • only if you have been diagnosed with dry eye
  • only If your doctor has determined that punctal occlusion is the appropriate treatment for your condition