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Co-Managed Care

What Is Co-Management?

The surgeons of MidWest Eye Center have developed a program specifically designed to enhance the relationship between you, your current primary eye care provider, and our team of surgeons. This program is called co-management.  We work with a select group of optometrists and ophthalmologists nationwide that help bring the highest level of patient care to the surgery process.  An eye doctor in your area may be eligible.

If you desire, your co-managing doctor can:

  • Acquaint you with our surgeons at MidWest Eye Center and the procedures that are available to you
  • Inform you if you are a candidate for surgery and discuss your personal expectations
  • Perform the pre-operative initial evaluation
  • Perform the post-operative examinations
  • Assist you with any supplemental aids for reading, sunny weather or night driving
  • Continue to perform your primary care eye needs

If you are interested in finding out if your current eye doctor is a participating co-management provider, please call MidWest Eye Center and speak to one of our consultants locally at 513-385-EYES (3937) or toll-free at 1-800-385-EYES (3937).