Emmy Award-winning American television sportscaster and former college and professional football player.

"To be able to see without my glasses was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. Since having LASIK my vision is 20/20. A painless ten-minute procedure gave me perfect vision, it’s unbelievable."

"Thank you so very much for taking such great care of our daughter, Cassi. We were so worried that the results wouldn't be favorable and that our precious time would be wasted by the time we found an appointment. We are very appreciative of you volunteering to meet us and examine her after business hours. There are few-if any-that would do that for someone, just because." If ever we can repay... Read More

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Local radio host and NBC-TV sportscaster, tight end and wide receiver for the Bengals from 1968-1977.

"After 40 years of the discomfort of glasses and contacts, I was liberated in ten minutes. Thank you, Dr. Schneider."

"I just got back from the Virgin Islands and South Beach. So I was standing on the balcony of the Fountainbleau Hotel looking down at the pool and South Beach and thought, damn, I'm glad I got my eyes fixed!"

"I made it to St. Croix three months ago. My eyes are doing great. I got P.A.D.I. certified (S.C.U.B.A.) & I've been doing a lot of diving. I got three lobsters on my last dive. That was the most fun I had since I been here. The salt water had absolutely no effect on my eyes. Chlorine bothers them the same as before I had my operation, not too much. The weather here is great, we are having a... Read More

Dr. Schneider, I am writing to say "Thank You" for the successful cataract operations you performed on my eyes earlier this year. I am now about six months removed from the surgeries and I am able to read without my glasses at least 95% of the time. It seems as if my ability to read in lower lighting conditions continues to improve even today, though the changes are incremental and barely... Read More

Cincinnati, Ohio

"I was born deaf in my right ear and have reduced hearing in my left ear. I also was very nearsighted in both eyes (-8.00 diopters). It was always a struggle to see and to hear before my LASIK surgery. I came in with a friend and we both met with the doctors here at MidWest EyeCenter. We both moved forward and had LASIK surgery on the same day! LASIK has been the best gift I have ever given to... Read More

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Dear Dr. Schneider,   Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for you having restored the beauty of the world to me!  Even though it’s just one eye for now, I cannot believe the joy I have experienced in rediscovering color.  My orange tabby cats are not just orange, they are vibrantly orange!  The colors of quilts I made years ago leave me nearly speechless!  I feel like a child on a... Read More

"I was legally blind and have worn glasses since I was six years old. I could not do anything without my glasses. Even now, 10 years later, I am still ‘moved to tears’ about my vision. I am able to live completely without any glasses. Dr. Schneider gave me monovision and I do not need readers, so I am totally free from any glasses! Dr. Schneider is a real blessing to me and I continue to... Read More

"I don’t think I’ve quit smiling since my LASIK procedure. The results are better than I ever imagined. I see better now than I ever could with my glasses and contacts. The procedure and recovery were quick and painless."

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"I have been extremely happy with the results of my procedure. I would recommend you and your office without hesitation."

"I would like to thank you for the recent operation on my wife. Now that you have done corrective surgery on her, here is a list of the things that she can see now that I never had to worry about: Me making hand gestures at her from across the room Me making faces at her from across the room, or up close, it didn't matter Me hitting the cat, but never the kids, they would tell on me Me throwing... Read More

Top 40 radio personalities of all time.  In 2000, he was given his highest honor when he was inducted into the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

"Yes…I’m that age where I needed cataract surgery and I turned to one person, Dr. David Schneider. David did surgery on my eyes years ago and he is recognized as the best.  I was carrying around two different strength reading glasses and I had another pair for driving or watching television. It was ridiculous. Half the time I was looking for my glasses, I was actually wearing them. I had glasses... Read More

Former Cincinnati Bengals safety (1986-1992)

"Fifteen years ago I was a three time Pro-Bowler. If I would have had this procedure sooner, I might have been to the Pro Bowl ten times. Thanks to my good friend Dr. Schneider, I can now see life in a different way."

"I just completed my second eye cataract surgery and wanted to comment on my experience. I couldn't have had a better, easier, painless procedure anywhere else. Dr. Schnieider and his whole staff made this a pleasant experience and the treatment and care given to patients was above and beyond. Everyone in your office treats patients and their caregivers with the utmost respect. I would recommend... Read More

"I am writing to you express my great thanks for the quality and kind experience I had with my Lasik procedure. My results have been nothing short of a miracle. I have been wearing glasses or contacts since I was eight years old and for the first time that I can remember, I woke up this morning and could read the numbers on my alarm clock. For those who are blessed with good vision, this simple... Read More

"I want to thank you for the wonderful thing that you have done for me. Without your kindness and generosity, it would have never been possible for me to have my sight restored. There is no way that I could ever repay you for what is a miracle to me, but please know that you will be in my prayers for the rest of my life."

"The purpose of this letter is to express my gratitude to you and your staff for the kind of care which you gave my mother at the time of her eye surgery. I'm an old dog and I've been everywhere but I have never witnessed more concerned conscientious, competent care anywhere. I am simply amazed. I realize that it is difficult to work with older people because they are often confused, suspicious,... Read More

"Thank you for giving me my eyes back. Forty years is a long time to be blind. I appreciate what you have done for me and expect to send you my son for LASIK correction of the bad genes I gave him."

"Just a short note to offer my thanks and my commendation for the hospitable and professional treatment given to me during my surgery procedure. From the reception persons to the technician to the surgeon and all in between, everyone did such a great job and helped me through a time of some trepidation. The care and concern shown by everyone was quite evident. I also want to thank you, Doctor,... Read More

"I recently heard one of your radio ads. I instantly thought how wrong you were. Your ad stated that everyone that first comes into your office has some apprehension about having laser surgery. I feel compelled to respond. I recall when I had my first laser surgery. It was RK. I went to one of your competitors and left them feeling quite leery. On the way home, one of your ads for RK came on the... Read More

"The technology of the Laser Center was impressive, but I was most impressed by you and your staff, who made me feel at ease. The actual LASIK procedure was quick, painless and very successful."

"Why would someone travel over 1800 miles to have their refractive procedure performed by Dr. David Schneider and the MidWest EyeCenter? The answer is TRUST."

"As a nurse, I did a lot of research before selecting a surgeon for my refractive procedure. I was most impressed by the techniques and technology used by Dr. Schneider and his staff at the MidWest EyeCenter."

"As a fellow physician, I must say I am very impressed with you and your staff. There is no one else I would allow to perform refractive surgery on me. You results and your experience are truly amazing."

"I am still amazed every day! Thank you for your work on my vision."