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Retina Evaluation & Surgery – page content

At Midwest Eye Center, lasers are used extensively in retinal surgery. Most lasers used for treatment of the retina produce their effect by heat, which can seal off areas of leakage or produce a tight bond to hold tissue together.  Fortunately, the retina does not feel the heat produced, so laser treatment of the retina usually does not cause the patient discomfort.

A torn retina can often result in a retinal detachment.  Midwest Eye Center recommends immediate laser treatment of retinal tears to prevent the onset of serious vision problems.  Our laser surgeons can “weld” the retina in place adjacent to the tear so that the retina will not detach.  Surgery on the retina is performed with the purpose of preventing the need for further retinal surgery.

Many retinal diseases induce leaking blood vessels. Midwest Eye Center’s retinal laser surgery treatment can seal the areas of leakage, preventing or reversing swelling in the retina.  This retinal swelling can often cause blurred vision or retinal scarring.  Laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy and retinal laser treatment of leaking blood vessels caused by diabetes, has been proven to reduce vision loss by 75%.

The most severe damage from diabetes occurs when abnormal blood vessels grow in the retina.  Laser treatment is crucial in treating the causes of this blood vessel growth, and this type of laser surgery can prevent most cases of blindness from diabetes.  When a retinal detachment does occur, it must be surgically repaired.

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