Your Wait Is Over!



The iLASIK procedure only takes minutes. It reshapes your cornea to correct the refractive imperfections in your eye (these imperfections are essentially the reason you are nearsighted, farsighted, etc.). Here's what happens:

  1. You get an extensive exam by an iLASIK surgeon
  2. Computers/software are used to make an individual blueprint of your eyes; this blueprint is used to drive your laser correction and is what gives you a truly customized result
  3. A laser is used to make a thin flap in your cornea
    • You'll be given numbing drops so you won't feel pain
    • This flap enables the surgeon to make the iLASIK correction
  4. A second laser is used to make the correction to your cornea, based on your unique vision/eye characteristics
    • This correction is completely computer driven
    • It's safe, fast and virtually painless
  5. You can have great vision without glasses or contacts*

*Outcomes may vary. 98% of nearsighted patients participating in the Advanced CustomVue™ FDA Clinical Trials could see 20/20 or better one year after treatment.

To correct your vision with the iLASIK procedure, a thin corneal flap needs to be created.  There are two ways to make this flap: a blade or the IntraLase™ FS laser. The iLASIK procedure EXCLUSIVELY uses the IntraLase laser; it's part of what makes iLASIK vision correction unique.