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iLASIK – Excimer Laser

The Excimer Laser is the Type of Laser Used in LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

The excimer laser has revolutionized eye care correction and has helped many individuals with refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The excimer laser creates a concentrated beam of ultraviolet light that can be precisely focused, making changes with virtually no effects outside the target zone.

The biological tissue in the cornea requires a specific photon energy to break the tissue bonds. When the laser beam touches the cornea, the intermolecular bonds are broken leaving a clear, smooth underlying corneal tissue. This process is known as photoablation. There is no scarring of the cornea because there is virtually no heat generated in the process.

In addition to no scarring, another advantage of using the excimer laser is the incredible accuracy by which the tissue can be removed without any thermal damage to surrounding tissue.

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Doctors Who Perform This Procedure

Saif Jaweed, M.D.

Saif Jaweed, M.D.