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Our surgeons at MidWest Eye Center offer Laser Vision Correction with a variety of payment plans for all vision correction procedures.  This includes pre-op and post-op care and enhancements for one year in most cases.  Please contact us to find out more about your options at MidWest Eye Center 1-800-385-EYES (3937) or use our online feedback form.  A one-time fee for Laser Vision Correction includes the following:

  • Initial eye exam with our physicians or your current eye care provider.
  • Computerized map of your eye
  • All pre- and post- procedure exams
  • The Laser Vision Correction procedure
  • If an enhancement is needed, the charge will either be included in the initial fee or will not exceed a predetermined set price per eye.
  • The physician’s fee
  • A take home care kit
  • Monitoring examinations with your doctor in the year following treatment