Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common problems treated at the MidWest EyeCenter in Cincinnati Ohio. Dry eye is usually caused by a problem with the quality of the tear film that lubricates the eyes.

The MidWest EyeCenter offers several methods to test for dry eyes. Your MidWest EyeCenter doctor will first determine the underlying cause by measuring the production, evaporation rate and quality of the tear film. To highlight specific problems with your dry eyes, (that would otherwise be invisible), your doctor will use special eye drops to diagnose the presence and extent of the dryness.

Treatment of dry eye syndrome is highly specific to each patient.  Artificial tears are a very common treatment that has proven to be effective for many patients.  Some of these artificial tear treatments are watery and alleviate the symptoms temporarily. Some thicker drop treatments prove to adhere to the eye longer.  Preservative-free tears are recommended because they are the most soothing and have fewer additives that could potentially irritate.  Avoid products that whiten the eyes – they don’t have adequate lubricating qualities and often make the problem worse.

Closing the opening of the tear drain in the eyelid with special inserts called punctal plugs (punctual occlusion) is another option.


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