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Pterygium Removal2018-10-26T18:00:36+00:00

Pterygium Removal

The Midwest Eye Center offers complete Ptyergium removal using the latest technologies available. Pterygium is typically known as a triangular-shaped growth of the conjunctiva. Symptoms may include irritation, redness, and tearing. Tiny capillaries that supply blood to the eye tissue cultivate Pterygium growth. For some, the growth remains dormant; however, in other cases it grows over the central cornea and directly effects vision. If a pterygium fully develops, it may change the shape of the cornea, causing astigmatism. If the pterygium growth invades the central cornea, it is removed surgically.

Since pterygiums are most commonly caused by sun exposure, Midwest Eye Center recommends protecting the eyes from sun, dust and wind. Applying artificial tears liberally is also beneficial in decreasing irritation. In some cases, eye drops are prescribed to reduce inflammation.

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