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Advanced Laser Surface Ablation – page content

The MidWest Eye Center recognizes that Advanced Surface Ablation, or ASA, represents a remarkable alternative for patients who would not fit the criteria for traditional refractive surgery at the MidWest Eye Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Patients who have thin or flat corneas, and are too nearsighted for traditional LASIK surgery, can now choose Advanced Surface Ablation as an alternative. Likewise, ASA presents an exciting opportunity for farsighted people whose only alternative previously was glasses or contact lenses.

With ASA, the surface epithelial cells are modified with mild surgical intervention assisted by drops. The corneal surface is then treated with a laser procedure and covered with a bandage contact lens. The surface cells will then reconstruct and create a very strong refractive system. Specific eye drops designed to maximize recovery and outcome are used post-operatively.

For more information regarding Advanced Surface Ablation please contact the MidWest Eye Center at 1-800-385-(3937) EYES.